mies + neutra


My client had just built a new greenhouse on his Malibu estate – it was awful.  But the open framework of black steel and plexiglass infill on the roof and walls intrigued me.  What about Mies in California, Neutra even?

One thought on “mies + neutra

  1. […] frame has been up and running for four months now, with new drawings featured daily, with nearly 90 posts and over 240 individual drawings.  Some projects are new, others have been resuscitations of old sketches and long-forgotten partis.  Often, after I’ve made a nice new shiny post, I’ll stumble upon a relevant detail hidden away in one of my many sketchbooks (or worse, loose sheets of paper fluttering about…).  Such is the case with today’s post, which further elaborate upon the very first project featured on frame: mies + neutra. […]


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