what is frame?

frame is a glance into my sketchbooks, an introduction to the ideas and forms that fascinate me, and an argument for the architectures I wish to create.  It is a dialogue between the abstract formalism of my undergraduate education and the elaborate languages of tradition that I’ve studied and practiced in since.

As a name, ‘frame‘ draws reference from Colin Rowe’s seminal essay, The Chicago Frame, the first Chicago School mentioned therein, the Miesian tradition that followed, and the second School that synthesized these forms in the early 1980’s; ‘frame‘ also calls to mind the white abstract armature, the essential parti upon which each intricate detail is set; One is also said to frame an argument, of which these individual drawings begin to speak.

While frame may be accessible because it is visual by nature, it always hints at more – it is, shall we say, framework.

If you’re curious as to ‘why frame?’, please take a glance at this introductory post.