another blog?

I hope not.  At least, not in the traditional sense.  While I consider myself to be a writer, I do not intend to make this place about words.  One of the most wonderful and accessible qualities of architecture is that it is a visual practice, and of the many ways of describing and communicating buildings, drawing remains the most poignant and essential.  While historians write dissertations on the social, economic, or ecological impacts of architecture on our world, those who practice and learn our profession must draw architecture.  The drawing is the fundamental communicative tool of the discipline – be it plan, section, elevation, reflected ceiling plan, or axonometric.  As architects, we draw.  And I believe we can draw argument – I believe that the architectural forms that I draw say something about what I believe architecture is, how it ought to be practiced, and rightly taught.

This website, frame, is my attempt to catalog my own arguments through drawing.  I’ll try not to speak up too much outside of that, only adding the necessary introductions here and there (or references, for your own perusal).  With that, enjoy.


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