another basilica


Where the previous project offered more of a synthesis between the modern and the classical in terms of style, this one poses a synthesis between types – structuring a basilica form with equal transepts, similar to a Greek cross.  This hybrid typology is not new, and can be found in early Christian churches, such as San Nazaro in Brolo or the Basilica di San Marco in Venice.  Stylistically, my interpretation takes cues from H. H. Richardson, with thick masonry walls, continuous cornice lines, and a large hip roof, which obscures the tower over the crossing from the outside.  Below are earlier studies of a similar plan with much different attitudes towards envelope.


greek cross synthesis


Taking cues from both the Nervi and Richardson projects, this church places a large tower campanile at the crossing.  The circular geometries owe more to Trinity, but the glass corners and spatial fluidity are direct quotes of St. Mary.  The tower transitions from a square at its base to a circle at the crown, paying homage to Nervi’s typical hyperbolic paraboloid surfaces.