wall treatment


Maybe not what most people consider ‘capital-A’ architecture, but interesting nonetheless – interior walls and their treatment.  These four options are studies for my own house, with coved ceilings, picture rail, wall base, chair rail, and wainscot sticking.  The two top options explore large-scale masonry patterns a la Michael Graves, while the two bottom options divide the wall into sections, from many stripes to more distinct panels.

spiraling down


Today’s drawing is a spiral staircase, hidden within a panellized Mies-inspired cube.  Vertical wood slats make up the walls of the interior circle, and are repeated on the balustrade.  The risers themselves are thin-gague blackened steel, with a structural stringer running on the exterior, leaving the inner circle a ragged black spiral of teeth-like treads.

me, myself, and mine


Today is the day I celebrate my birth into this crazy world.  So I’ll take this time to share some personal drawings: my house, or rather the little nooks and crannies of it that I’d like to alter, shift, sheathe, or paint.  There’s a lot of me here, my confusion, my interests, my unrest, as well as where I sleep, read, eat, and otherwise live.  There are bathrooms (above and just below), staircases (below), ceilings (below), gardens (bottom), and wainscotts throughout.  Enjoy.













a new angle on bathrooms


The bathroom here at my office has the toilet and the sink in opposite corners from each other.  If one were to make the room perfectly square, and superimpose it in a panelled volume, with an incredibly fancy jib door, what might that look like?  Plan and RCP (reflected ceiling plan) on top of one another, with studies of what to do with the left over corners.