triangle meets circle


Further pulling the thread of hidden circular courtyards (here, here, & here), this exploration introduces yet another platonic geometry: the triangle.  Low gables on each facade take the center, allowing colonnades to wrap the acute corners, while a circular colonnade sits in the middle, centered on a triangular obelisk in a circular pool.  Interior spaces are fluid, with low walls and pipe columns hinting at spatial division.  The dialogue between the round courtyard and the triangular roof ridges creates a dynamic interior roof form with exposed rafters throughout.





gallery w/ peristyle, pt. 2


I was digging through my sketchbooks and found a nice little partial wormseye axonometric drawing that should have been a part of an earlier post.  This one may be a bit more difficult to understand, seeing as it’s a pretty unusual type of drawing.  But effectively, what I’ve done is drawn a corner of the project looking from underneath the building, as if the ground wasn’t there.