simply canadian


This post is simple – the building is simple.  This is a small motor pavilion at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC.  The neo-gothic style of the main hotel is reinterpreted in a small square glass and iron pavilion.  What I’m showing here is merely there clerestory roof volume with half of a reflected ceiling plan and an elevation.  The copper standing seam roof has aged wonderfully on the salty bay air.

butterfly roofs and stuff


This small project is a riff on a diagram I’ve been working on at work, but taken to a polemic state.  It’s a single volume, capped with an inverted gable ‘butterfly’ roof, clerestories all around, with a walled-in porch at the public entry and a covered patio at the rear.  The drawings below show what happens when this prototype engages with additional forms to make a more complete residence.